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Admission to IIT will be a completely new ball game because different regulations will be put to effect from 2013. If you are studying in plus two and you are an IIT aspirant, you should buy all ears because from now on a particular weightage would be given to your class 12 marks as well.
This means that the selection process would be easier for students who have scored good marks in 12th standard. For others, there will be the chance to do extremely well in the main test and/or the advanced test for the selection. Yes, that is going to be the format for admission to Central government Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs) from 2013. 
Therefore, as you are still to appear for your board exams, it is time you put in dedicated effort in scoring really well in class 12, so that your admission process to the IIT gets easier, this is how to get admission in IIT in 2013.
From 2013, there will be a JEE, divided into two sections, the main and the advanced. Both these tests will be taken on the same day. However, for IITs there will be a level of filtering after the main test. 
Aspirants to other CFTIs will have to sit for both the tests. For IITs, the board results and the main test results would be given 50 percent weightage each. The top 50,000 candidates would be filtered and then the advanced test would be taken. No marks weightage has been ascribed to the advanced tests, but it would be a test totally based on merit. 
For the other CFTIs, the distribution of weightage is as follows. 40 percent to marks obtained in class 12, 30 percentages to the performance in the main test and the rest 30 percent from the advanced test. The IITs will gradually switch on to this later system in 2015.
Although you are primarily here to know how to get admission in IIT, yet knowing about admission in other CFTIs makes sense because the counseling of all the CFTIs will be held together. During counseling, you can choose from the IITs, the MITs and the IIITs. 

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