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  • All India Medical Entrance exams are like hard nut to crack which occur annually. More than four lakhs students appear for these tests with dreams of becoming successful doctors in future. Not all the students are lucky enough to make it to the best institutes of the country while other institutions which provide MBBS education and degrees may or may not be reputed. Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) and Bhartia Vidyapeeth are some institutions who conduct these examinations. There are thousands of medical colleges like above institutes  who conduct examinations all over India.



  • Except for a few private institutions, the rules of most of the institutions are the same . The exam questions are always within the syllabus of 11th and 12th standard. Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) are three important subjects which are always asked in the exams.  In some case there is negative marking for every wrong answer with a few exceptions. The course content is quite vast and ample amount of time is required to gain mastery with over these subjects. This cannot be done  without proper hard work in a fortnight or a month. Rigorous practice with positive attitude and understanding of all concepts with logical thinking needs to be done to get successful in the exams.



  • The participants should practice hard and solve different problems everyday to keep themselves on their toes at all times. It has been observed that students first finish the easy part of a subject while the major portions are left out.  In actual fact it should be the opposite in order to ensure a good score. Various Sample papers and preceding year’s test papers with solution should be practiced regularly in order to judge where a student stands in exams in reality. Mock tests are the one of  best way to ensure that all concepts are clear and completely well understood.  One of the most important factors to get success is to work according to a study completely.  Motivations is an important factor which makes it easier for every candidate to prepare for all india medical entrance exams.  Students needs to be know what motivates them to study hard, rather than what makes them think more about it  any other chore.



  •  The recommended books and reference material for study and other guide books need to be seen in order to know that which ones can benefit them in a better way.  Moreover not more than two reference books should be consulted for such exams to avoid information over loaded with different points of view.  Too many of them to study can create problems for a student and can become a hindrance in learning.  Coaching for all india entrance exam varies from student to student.  Many times there are example cases where they do not need coaching at all while in most of the cases coaching is taken up to clear all problems which they face in study the subjects.  Regular study with right mindset for  8-10 hours a day will be ideal to prepare for such an extensive and hard test.



  • Revision of all that is learnt during weekdays must be done on weekends and regular practice of all the subjects is indeed required to keep all the concepts clear.  Cinema’s, Outings, Sports, Television and other time wastage activities cannot be enjoyed during such crucial times.  Lastly they should be able to make their own right decision, students needs to be making wise decisions at this stage to get success for their future dreams.  All these factors need to be kept in mind to ensure victory in all India medical entrance exams.



Helpful Books for all India Medical Entrance exam :-


25 Years CBSE-PMT Topic wise Solved Papers PHYSICS (1988 – 2012)

Written by  Disha Experts, Publisher: Disha Publication, New Delhi


25 Years CBSE-PMT Topic wise Solved Papers CHEMISTRY (1988 – 2012)

Written by  Disha Experts, Publisher: Disha Publication, New Delhi


25 Years CBSE-PMT Topic wise Solved Papers BIOLOGY (1988 – 2012)

Written by  Disha Experts, Publisher: Disha Publication, New Delhi


AFMC – Pune, Medical Entrance Solved Papers

Written by N. Khurmi, Publisher: Khurmis Publishing, New Delhi


AIIMS PG Medical Entrance Examination

Written by Amit Sekhar Padhy, Publisher- Elsevier India Private Limited, Gurgaon


Chemistry For Karnataka CET And COMEDK

Written by Sonar Maruthi,  H.Y.K  Jayaramappa, C. V. Keshava Murthy

 Publisher: Cengage Learning India, New Delhi


 AFMC 16 years Topic-wise Solved Papers (1995-2012) with 1 Mock Test

Written by  Disha Experts, Publisher: Disha Publication, New Delhi



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